Exit Questionnaire for Graduating Students

1. What do you plan to do after completion of the programme?

2. Which courses were most valuable? Why?

3. Which courses were least useful? Why?

4. Whom do you consider to be the best teacher?

5. What important topics were not covered by the courses?

6. Was the advice received from your adviser helpful? Was it timely?

7. What other comments do you have about your experiences in the department?

8. In what ways has your personality changed as a result of enrollment in the department?

9. Were your expectations from the department adequately satisfied?

10. Have you made lasting friendship with anyone in the department ?

11. Would you like to keep in touch with the department after you leave it?

12. In what matters did you interact with the administration of the institution? What was your experience during those interactions?

13. Were you provided help and training in the use of library and computer services? Was the training useful?

14. What are your comments on the social atmosphere (a) at the institution? (b) at your department?

15. What sports and extra curricular activities did you participate in? With what level of satisfaction?

16. Will you join the Alumni Association of the department / institution?

17. How do you think you can help XYZ to improve?