Students' Evaluation Of The Programme Of Study




1. Before undertaking the programme did you get a prospectus? Yes or No, Did it contain the following details?

a) Courses available:     and admission rules: 

b) Completion requirements:     and fee and refund structure: 

c) Support services and training available:    and financial aid available: 

d) Counseling and health services: 

2. What determined your choice of the subject? (Tick the relevant ones ) behind a, b, c, etc.

a) Interest in the subject and past scores in the subject

b) influence of parents/friends/teachers and reputation of the department/teachers

c) ease of getting admission and easy to pass

d) suitable for getting a job after completion of higher education

3. How far was your background suited to select the course?

4. The choice of courses offered was

5. In case no optional courses were available, would you have liked to suggest some?

6. What do you think should be the ratio of optional courses to the total number of general courses?

7. Was there provision to take an interdisciplinary course from other departments?

If yes, did you avail of the interdisciplinary study?

If no, would you have liked to do some interdisciplinary work?

8. For how many courses (give numbers) did you have :

9. In what way did it help?

10. Was the practical/studio/workshop component of your course sequenced integrally with theory classes?

11. Were the laboratories /studios/workshops adequately equipped and properly maintained?

12. Were you provided guidance in library use?

13. What is your opinion of the library materials for your subject?

14. Were you able to get the prescribed materials?

15. Were you provided with training in use of computer?

16. The internal evaluation system as it exists is

17. In your opinion, how much of the total weightage of a course should the internal assessment account for?

18. If no weightage was given to internal assessment work, do you think your grades would have been

19. Is the internal assessment system conducive to

20. The internal assessment system operated

21. The internal assessment was done

22. Were your corrected / evaluated written assignments returned on time?

23. Were they returned with helpful comments?

24. Did the department have provision to take care of student grievances?

25. How many teachers taught you during the full duration of the programme? (Give total number)

26. If you had to grade your teachers on a ten point scale in decending order 10 lowest 0 to how many of the teachers would
you assign the following grades? (number of teachers against each grade) out of a total of 10


27. How many teachers prepared their lectures (give numbers)


28. How many teachers were able to communicate (give numbers)


29. How many teachers encouraged students to participate in the class? (give numbers)


30. You would rate your teachers to be (rank the qualities according to your preference, omitting the ones that do not apply) (give numbers)


31. If you wish you may name the teacher you liked best for the qualities you ranked him/her highest in question 32 . Name :

32. At the end of the programme of study you emerged

33. When you meet students who have taken a similar programme at other institutions how do you feel?

34. How do you rate the student-teacher relationship in your institution as a whole?

35. How do you rate the student-teacher relationship in your specific department?

36. How do you find the institution’s administration?

37. If you were a hostellite, were you satisfied with the hostel facilities?

38. How do you find the transport facility provided by the institution?

39. How do you rate the health- care facilities provided by the institution?

40. Did you participate in any of the extra curricular activities of the department/institution?

41. What was the attitude of teachers towards extra-curricular activities?

42. What was your relationship with the Student's Union?

43. Was the Students’ Union a tree representative of the student community?

44. Has your time at the institution been intellectually enriching?

45. Have you made friends with anyone, which you expect will last long?

46. After leaving how will you talk about your institution ?