Students' Overall Evalution on Programme and Teaching





Your responses will be seen only after your course results have been finalised and recorded.

The information will be used only for the improvement of the course and teaching in future.

You need not disclose your name if you do not wish to.

You may tick more than one answer to a question to the extent that they do not contradict each other.

1. The syllabus of each course was

2. Background for benefiting from the course was

3. Was the course easy or difficult to understand?

4. How much of the syllabus was covered in the class?

5. What is your opinion about the library material and facilities for the course?

6. To what extent were you able to get material for the prescribed readings?

7. How well did the teacher prepare for the classes?

8. How well was the teacher able to communicate?

9. How far does the teacher encourage student participation in the class?

10. If yes, which of the following methods were used?

11. How helpful was the teacher in advising?

12. The teacher’s approach can best be described as

13. Internal assessment was

14. What effect do you think the internal assessment will have on your course grade?

15. How often did the teacher provide feedback on your performance?

16. Were your assignments discussed with you?

17. Were you provided with a course contributory lecture too at the beginning?

If yes, was it helpful?

18. If yes, was it helpful?